Shipping Conditions

How your package is shipped and what to expect:

Shipping inside the US is sent out as packaged First Class mail, the delivery times are based on USPS info is 3 business days. That cost is 3.00 US Dollars. All packages are tracked, you can request a tracking number.

International orders are that same as above, your package will be shipped with USPS First Class mail. Shipping time varies on international orders 8 to 10 business days is about the norm. All packages are tracked you can request the tracking, however the tracking is only valid as the to the point your order leaves the US.

International delivery times can be delayed  due to holidays, customs and duty, problems with airlines, slow delivery times, etc. There are times when customs will pull samples of mail for inspection. As a result of that, orders can sometimes sit in customs for a week or more before being sent out for delivery.  All countries are different on how they deal with this.

Currently, only shipping to the US,EU & Canada If you are outside of these shipping areas and need a driptip, please contact me directly.

Please take the time to DOUBLE CHECK your shipping address, shipping labels are printed exactly the way you fill in your order form. It is your responsibility  to make sure it is correct, the order will be shipped to the address you provide.

Once your order has been delivered to the postal services it is out of my control. I am and can no longer (be) responsible for your order. I do not and will not offer a refund of lost, miss marked address or stolen postal deliveries. However, in principle and within the reasonable, I am willing to work with you. At my discretion, therefore, I can decide to make you a new product of equal value. No rights can be derived from this.